Wrapping Paper
Benedict Morgan had the idea for his Wrapping Paper series some time before actually executing it. When camouflaging an object the shape and outlines must be retained in order for the viewer to recognize it, otherwise it would just simply blend in with the background and disappear.
How many “flips” does it take to make your Smartphone super-sexy. The answer? Three flexible AMOLED touchscreens and a keyboard on the reverse! Here’s what the Flip Phone feels like: a smart triangular piece held together with soft steel mesh hinges, hosting a custom flavor of Android. The boundaries of a PC and phone have smudged-up big time and this is a sample of what that future looks like.
Beautiful animated shortfilm with singing, skydiving parrots by Swedish animation studio Meindbender. There actually is a good message in the end: "Dedicated to the inner parrot that we all have and is desperate to speak out."
First unveiled as a concept this past spring (video), now the Ziiiro Gravity and Mercury watches are finally here! The concept of the first Ziiiro Watch is a clock face without hands or markings, but a constantly changing pattern of rings indicating the passing of time. The tip of the inner swirl shows the hour, and the tip of the outer swirl shows minutes. Either way, we like it!
This man has got it all. Waking up with two girls who move like robots. Magic pills. Hitting smokebombs with a baseball bat. Awesome video.
"Something lurking" is a new tvc from LG highlighting their Kompressor range vacum cleaners. This toy story animation was developed by Young & Rubicam New York and produced by Smuggler and Psyop.
Slow-motion video of "Crosses" by Winding Stairs. There is no real story in the video, but it's just a collection of nice, warm coloured shots put together. Ever seen a girl in a red dress do a frontflip? Watch this one!
LouLou & Tummie is a Dutch illustration duo who spend their days building an ever expanding empire of colourful graphics and characters. Lead by their crave for toys, happiness and all things cute or robot-like they abuse their computers to spit out designs that can be found in magazines, books, advertisements, plush, papertoys, on walls and interiours, t-shirts and shoes around the galaxy.
NoteSlate, probably the simplest tablet device. Monochrome paper alike tablet device, where the simplicity and technology evolution meets pencil and paper again. This classic instrument in new consequences. Natural look and feel through basic digital image, 1-bit image. All that networked with human touch. This new context of the classic device, this evolution, brings this tablet out of borders of what we know as electronic computer.
Paris vs. New York
This is a fun short film based on Vahram Muratyan's book, Paris vs. New York. It's full of recognizable characteristics from both metropoles. Consider a second watch, since you may not be able to get all the facts the first time. Art director Tony Miotto from Strasbourg did a great job selecting and mixing the audio parts.
Josh Owens, also known as Mindrelic, created this wonderfully dramatic timelapse video of his favorite corners of New York City. The soundtrack "down to the cellar" by Dredg, certainly takes it up a notch.
Some people die in a very theatrical way. The samurai in the video for ‘Lovely Bloodflow’ from Baths is a perfect example. The music goes so well with the video, it’s almost as if it’s written for it. It also gives you the feeling like you’re watching a part from a movie, doesn’t it? Let us know what you think on our Facebook-page. Directed and produced by L.A. based Young Replicant agency, ‘Lovely Bloodflow’ made it onto Pitchfork's Top Music Videos of 2010.

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