Analog Memory Desk
As the name suggests, is a solution that through a common piece of furniture tries to rediscover the beauty of analog, writing on paper, the immediacy of a note, a scribble, or the classic “smart idea”. A structure with an essential design made of maple wood. A desk to record all the small items you write down once, but intend to forget tomorrow.
Kien Lam quit his job last year to make a trip around the world. He started in London with photo- and videocamera in his hand. The result is an impressive timelapse of the 17 countries he visited in one year.
Forgot Your Password?
In summer 2012 the social network got hacked and lost its whole user database. A few months later parts of the decrypted password list surfaced on the Internet. These eight volumes contain 4.7 million LinkedIn clear text user passwords printed in alphabetical order. Visitors are invited to look up their own password.
Dutch Mountain
The underground house is embedded in the moorland. De large glass facade allows the sun to warm the concrete shell. The thermal mass keeps this warmth and cools the house in the summer. The wooden cantilever regulates sun and is the only visible architecture in the landscape. The open structure of the house is filled in with a light set of rooms, giving it a flexibility to grow together with its owners.
Soft Facade technical staff gives birth to new concepts, while every day their graphic designers create new eye-catchers. Every project they take on has to be done with the same attention to detail as any project they would do for themselves.
Moving a capital city is an important decision. In 1998, Kazakhstan unveiled its new capital and Almaty lost its status to Astana, located 1300 kilometers up North. 
As the world’s most recent capital city after Pyinmana (Myanmar), Astana is also the symbol of a new start, a unique initiative in the Post-Soviet region. Fabrice Fouillet’s project ‘Eurasism’ depicts a landscape coined by old Soviet architecture and new developing modern buildings.
Taking shots with Google Earth and putting them online has been done multiple times. Earthglance takes the prize though. The execution in this compilation of earth screenshots is beyond belief. With some pictures it's hard to say what you're looking at. You're staring down at airports, icy mountains and salt fields from a perpective where some context can be missed. Take your time to scroll through 30+ pages of high-res jaw droppers via the link. Earth is beautiful.
Julian Bialowas, is a photographer and graphic design student. He started a 365 day project named 365 Quotes. He will post one of his photos every day, for an entire year.
Knock is an app that turns your iPhone into an incredibly secure password for your Mac. Knock isn't like other apps. It's always ready, so you can use Knock even when your phone is in your pocket. Just knock twice, and your Mac unlocks. That's it. Knock uses Bluetooth Low Energy, which means your iPhone's battery won't feel a thing. Knock is available for an introductory price of $3.99 in the App Store, and as a free Mac app at
Amazon Unpacked
For Ben Roberts latest series ‘Amazon Unpacked’ he was sent on assignment by the Financial Times Weekend Magazine to photograph people and places in and around Rugeley, UK. As a former coal mining town, Rugeley has struggled during the current recession, with high unemployment being a particular problem. The arrival of Amazon to occupy a huge warehouse in the town was originally seen as being a boost to the local economy, but has it turned out that way?
Still Lifes
Alexander Kent is a London based photographer shooting still life in a unique style. In his studio in Bethnal Green, East London he makes his sets and experiments with things. Many of his personal images are a result of his experiments. The overlap from an object into the background is his trademark. When overlapping, the styling and placing of objects are faultless.
German street artist EVOL transforms empty urban surfaces into miniature buildings. The level of details fools your eyes. It's hard to estimate the size of his works from a close-up. If you look even longer, the buildings seem to be real.

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