Who doesn't want to have a house with a view? The view that is equally breathtaking during the summer as during the winter requires a truly special place to admire it from. This amazing house - wooden in and outside - was designed by Austrian studio Bernardo Bader Architects. Softness of the elevation and simplicity of the interior merges with wintery landscapes.
New-York based fashion photographer Jamie Beck has made a stunning serie of animated GIF's in collaboration with Kevin Burg. This form of photography goes under the name 'cinemagraphs' and lies between photo and video.
Shyscapes is a video made ​​by Misha Shyukin as Bachelor graduate project. It take place in many environments such as: sea, mountain, forest and moor, inserting various graphical elements such as spheres and other geometric shapes.
When you look closely at bees, wasps, and flies, they are quite complex and ugly. When you study a bird, it seems at home in the air, but with these creatures it almost feels as if they shouldn’t fly. Si Scott wanted to find and emphasize their beauty, while also keeping their natural dark edge.
The Type Faces
Last summer, before moving to Amsterdam, Tiago Pinto took some time off and in between dinners with friends and days of fun he spent some time doing “not-so-far-from-work-stuff”, like photography or graphics. It was a way to keep his mind busy with different subjects, ideas and techniques. One of the topics he focused on was typography. Fonts. Typefaces. Type Faces. For Tiago every font has a face, since they're different from each other they kind of have their own personality. That's how The Type Faces project was born, starting with the Futura's good looking mid-life man, the Italian Bodini with a fashionable moustache, the sad Courier New and the not so handsome Comic Sans.
Studie Eins Zwei Drei
Matthias Heiderich is a young and self-taught Berlin-based photographer known for stunning work, which is heavily influenced by architecture, graphic design, colour and the urban landscape. He often explores the complexities of colour in minimalist architecture, in a style that is unique and extremely distinctive. Matthias brings out a new and aesthetically wondrous side from Berlin.
3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, an exploding volcano, 2 cameras and almost a terabyte of footage all to turn 3 ambitious linear concepts based on movement, learning and food into 3 beautiful and hopefully compelling short films.
Casa Bosques
Casa Bosques, an initiative of Savvy Studio, is a creative platform that develops products of a permanent and sustainable nature by collaborating with experts in various disciplines who share this same philosophy. The guiding concept behind Casa Bosques is to bring each project to its maximum capacity and expression. This is why Each CBB project is carefully manufactured using high quality raw materials. Collaborators are thoughtfully selected; Casa Bosques looks for experts that are passionate about their specialties, and also feel motivated by the constant search for perfection. Casa Bosques develops versatile, seasonal projects that complement a special way of living and thinking.
Virtual Boy – Memory of a Ghost
This video follows the events around a faceless boy. Sounds creepy, and that's just what it looks like. 'Memory of a Ghost' comes from LA-based duo Virtual Boy with their self-titled debut album. Video directed by Joe Sill. Copyright by Alpha Pup Records.
Taking things apart and failing to put them back together is part of a man’s DNA from the time he’s born. Even though your skills with a screwdriver and a power drill increase exponentially with age, there’s always that part of you that wants to tear something to pieces to figger it out. Todd McLellan is no different; he just does something productive with it. He disassembles everything from typewriters to clocks and then turns them into amazing pieces of art based on their disassembled parts.
The idea for the ‘the natural speaker’ derived from the desire to create an absolutely unique, handcrafted speaker for the interior space. Whereas a lot of speakers are constructed to produce a rather fat bass and sharp high tones, Joon & Jung felt the sound was kind of stuck inside the speakers, missing a natural vibe and ambiance. During the development of the ‘the natural speaker’ they discovered the great properties of porcelain as a speaker casing, providing a clear resonance and mellow sound.
The joy of music shows its best when you get to share it with someone. That’s all fine if you’re playing music through speakers, but things get a bit difficult if headphones or earbuds are in the action. It is at these moments that “Plug it in” headsets by designer Dorien van Heijst show their magic.

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