Greetings from Utopia
'Greetings from Utopia' was shot in Los Angeles in February 2013. It features friends painted head to toe in color, and represents the love Amanda and Jimmy have for the colorful, surreal dreaminess that is LA. Don't scroll further if you're allergic to nakedness.
Compressed is the title of two videos by Kim Pimmel. The first video involves soap and a magnet. The second one shows some weird particles in water.
Munich subway
Nick Frank managed to capture the subway of Munich in a very minimalistic fashion. The places look very surreal without any travelling passengers. Nick Frank (who lives in Munich) has a great eye for shooting everyday surroundings, and making them look movie-like. Make sure to check out his other work, it's all in a very nice minimalistic style.
Pool Shophouse
Singapore-based firm FARM in collaboration with KD architects renovated an old local shop house in Singapore. The 'Pool Shophouse' aims to create a conversation between the existing building and the insertion of the new part. The linear pool accentuates the length and sleek design of the interior. The combination between the old brick walls and modern accents give the house a very retro look.
NYC Fractal
Carsten Witte from Hamburg, Germany has made some interesting photos between Central park and the financial district in New York. The funny thing is, it's not really obvious what you see in some reflections. An incredibly smart view on architecture!
The video of ‘Cruising’ really captures that true summerfeeling everybody knows. Riding around with friends, having a mellow day and enjoying the cold beer and hot weather. Helsinki 78-82 is a side project from Flipper and Koobra, 2 Finnish DJ’s who work for the record company Top Billin Music. They’ve released some singles and remixes but are better known by their mini-album ‘Helsinki 78-82 EP’.
The word skymetric is a construction composed by: sky and -metric (geometric). The subject highlights the decontextualization of places and architectural spaces in order to alter the natural structure. These places considered have in common the fact to be all completely square, regular and schematic, so achieving geometric shots in a minimalist context, where the simplicity and cleanliness reign supreme.
Russ Chimes – Turn Me Out
Russ Chimes releases his newest song 'Turn Me Out' along with a visual jewel. The bright colours, random images and clever editing give it a smart edge. Director's duo Mathy and Fran delivered just the right video for this song.
Adam Magyar took our daily lives as inspiration for this video. He filmed people as he flies past them on the subway. This enabled him to capture everyone off-guard. Magyar shot the video in a high frame rate, 50 frames per second. Beautiful to see random faces filmed like this.
For over 40 years Rob Pollock has been perfecting the art of faux woodgraining. Traditionally used in the restoration of classic cars and vintage hot rods, Rob has applied this technique to custom bike frames. Each frame is hand painted by Rob himself and finished with two pot epoxy resin to give a hard durable finish.
Amazing photographs from the serie 'Earth' by Ana Cabaleiro To view the whole serie, or other work by Ana Cabaleiro visit the website
Julian Burford is a Dutch graphic designer based in Bussum. About 7 years ago Julian studied Graphic Design in Utrecht, which he finished 3 years ago. Since then Julian works fulltime as an illustrator at MediaMonks based in Hilversum. A big company specialized in online advertising. In these 3 years he has been featured in several dutch magazines and has had the privilege to design covers for 2 major dutch newspapers. One of his illustrations can also be seen in Musee de Jeu Video in Le Grande Arche in Paris.

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