Stasi Gefängnis
The photography by Philipp Lohöfener has a somewhat awkward silence over it. The images are so still, that it looks as if the scene hasn't been touched for years.
Een samenwerking tussen Michael Tompert en de fotograaf Paul Fairchild met deze bijzondere hulde aan het merk Apple. Een vernieling van de producten zoals iPad, iPhone en Macbook, vernietigd of verpletterd in de vorm van een foto reeks in groot formaat.
Sneakercube is Pawel Nolbert's personal sneakers / design project. Simply, he takes sneakers that he loves & he cubes them up. Sneakers that are mostly on his wishlist or that he owns. Each sneaker is shown along with the original one. No parts of the original photos were used to create cubed versions.
This video is one of the craziest and weirdest I’ve seen in a while. There are so many different scenes where the viewer is left with questions. Though, after I’ve watched it a couple of times, some things do make sense. The tune is superbe, no-nonsense and catchy. Figure the meaning of this video out for yourself, really can’t help you with this one. If you’re allergic to titties, don’t watch.
Artist Tony Cragg recently unveiled the dice sculptures you can see at the FIAC 2011 in Paris (The International Contemporary Art Fair). His organic sculptures feature an amazing eye for curves and details.
Roman Sakovich is a UK based Photographer. His work investigates the development of an evolving post-Soviet society and the attendant cultural changes in a progressive world. It awakened our interest due to its extravagant clean style and his stunning sceneries. Although they show virtually ‘normal’ urban places, they mediate a special atmosphere and dramatic unique.
Ultra Copains by Ugo Gattoni and Guillaume Singelin from Editions Copains. A mix of typography and illustrations drawn on a paper over 10 meters of length. An impressive level of details. Varnishing will take place on April 14th at the Surprised Gallery.
Director Cyriak has opted to complement Cereal Spiller's sleepy-turned-bouncy remix with a wholly hypnotic video filled with building computer-generated graphics. It feels like you're watching the introduction to one of those old SIM CITY games, just with a much better soundtrack.
London-based commercial photographer Dirk Rees knows how to capture the perfect moment. Having worked in film, Rees takes photos that have a cinematic feel to them which he accomplishes through careful lighting and thoughtful storytelling. Movement, shape, body and motion are all taken into consideration when he snaps a shot.
Lost keys. A misplaced wallet. A stolen bike or guitar. Everyone has dealt with the hassle, frustration and stress that comes with losing their things. A new company, Tile, is launching a matchbook-sized Bluetooth Low Energy device that aims to ignite a community movement around keeping track of the small, or big, items in life.
This simple, floating shelf ‘Clopen’ designed by japanese Torafu Architects seem to be made from a single piece of timber. But when opened using magnetic keys, a secret 23 mm thick drawer appears, to hide your valuables such as passbooks or stamps. The impression of the shelf completely changes when its hidden aluminum space is revealed from within the sliced veneer surface.


This is a very successful rebranding campaign for the identity of a Russian tv-channel called 7TV. The very colorful creation in stop-motion features sound-design from Nookaad Productions. This creative design is made by the Swiss Greg Barth based in Montreal.

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