Silver & Light
This project was created with the same spirit that America was founded on. Our intentions are to connect everyone in America through the lens of this camera and social networking sites. We can't do this without you. We want to tell your story and show your city or town through photographs of you, and people you know. As we travel around America looking for people and places to shoot you will be able to keep track of where we are going and help us decide where we go next.
The dudes at Young Replicant had the great idea when they made this new Hooray For Earth video. Actually, the record shows that the directors took visual cues from their favorite Russian cult sci-fi films and the French artist Moebius. Props to videographer Tom Banks, who shot this.
3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, an exploding volcano, 2 cameras and almost a terabyte of footage all to turn 3 ambitious linear concepts based on movement, learning and food into 3 beautiful and hopefully compelling short films.
A context which the shapes become a pretext for exploration of space, freeing itself from its real picture, to make it more emotionally relevant. The minimal geometry, shadows and colors intersect between reality and absence, visually decontextualized from initial aesthetics. In this way, the following photographs describe a "non-place", dematerialized by its own matter.
This video comes with “some” delay but wearelwz finally wrapped it up over the last two crazy weeks. Amongst Giants is a project crafted by Matthias Hacksteiner. All songs have been composed and mixed by him and were recorded in Salzburg and Munich with eleven studio musicians.
Villa F
A curving road wraps the coast of Rhodes, Greece, flanked by the ocean on one side and a pre-existing retaining stone wall on the other. German practice Hornung and Jacobi Architecture have proposed a single-family residence embedded into the fibers that make up the mediterranean context manifested as a contemporary vessel.
Mikey Sorbello
Mikey Sorbello is a coffee roaster and barista at Climpson & Sons in Hackney. Climpson & Sons was established in 2005, and is considered one of the pioneering venues for London’s now-famous coffee revolution. In the new documentary series Neighbourhood Portraits, fashion label Hardy Amies and innovations studio Present Plus sets out to explore new centers of creativity that are booming on the the edges of London, inspiring, dictating and rejuvenating the contemporary lifestyle.
We Left from Australian artist Rüfüs is an obscure song with a very good build up in the video. The video gives the viewer a voyeuristic feeling, like you should'nt see more than in between the letters. When the song hits it's climax, you can suddenly see everything.
Blue Cone Colony
The Blue Cone Colony is a joint venture between Uniforms for the Dedicated and Tree Hotel, two creative forces sharing the vision of a sustainable direction of both design and work process. For similar reasons Tree Hotel co-exists with the constant forests of the north, the clothing line of S/S 12 combines natural and handpicked fabrics made to grow more beautiful with time and wear.
The joy of music shows its best when you get to share it with someone. That’s all fine if you’re playing music through speakers, but things get a bit difficult if headphones or earbuds are in the action. It is at these moments that “Plug it in” headsets by designer Dorien van Heijst show their magic.
Studie Eins Zwei Drei
Matthias Heiderich is a young and self-taught Berlin-based photographer known for stunning work, which is heavily influenced by architecture, graphic design, colour and the urban landscape. He often explores the complexities of colour in minimalist architecture, in a style that is unique and extremely distinctive. Matthias brings out a new and aesthetically wondrous side from Berlin.
AZL Headquarters
The AZL Pension Fund Headquarters is an extension to an existing office building dating from the 1940s, in the center of Heerlen, the Netherlands. The old part of this building was constructed during a wealthy era of coal mining. The extension was completed in 1995 by Wiel Arets Architects, a local architect who operates world wide. WAA chose to use perforated steel plates, slabs of concrete and hints of black next to the old brick walls. On one side, a wide opening in the concrete boosts the buildings character.

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