Knock is an app that turns your iPhone into an incredibly secure password for your Mac. Knock isn’t like other apps. It’s always ready, so you can use Knock even when your phone is in your pocket. Just knock twice, and your Mac unlocks. That’s it. Knock uses Bluetooth Low Energy, which means your iPhone’s battery won’t feel a thing.

Knock is available for an introductory price of $3.99 in the App Store, and as a free Mac app at

Amazon Unpacked

For Ben Roberts latest series ‘Amazon Unpacked’ he was sent on assignment by the Financial Times Weekend Magazine to photograph people and places in and around Rugeley, UK. As a former coal mining town, Rugeley has struggled during the current recession, with high unemployment being a particular problem. The arrival of Amazon to occupy a huge warehouse in the town was originally seen as being a boost to the local economy, but has it turned out that way?


Combining a light, curving leather seat with a strong carrara marble base, french designer Grégoire de Lafforest has created the ‘lounge chair Opper’ for Galerie Gosserez in Paris. Opper is influenced by motorcycle saddles from the 70′s. The quilted surface of the chairs upholstery highlights the contrast between the light density of the soft foam and the stiffness of its positioned axis.

James Blake – Life Round Here

James Blake has released the video for his project with Chance the Rapper. A surprising project on many levels. The black and white video (directed by Nabil) is beyond beautiful. Musically speaking, the surprise mainly comes from Chance the Rapper. His voice fits like a glove on Blake’s production. All together, this just works. It’s a joy to watch and listen. Let’s hope more of these gems are coming our way.

Jules Vincent

Jules Vincent is a photographer who points his camera towards buildings and other architectural objects. His main focusses are lines and reflections. The angle of the shots pull the objects out of their surroundings. This makes it hard to see the context of the shot, which is interesting.


Mute is short animated film about a world populated by people without a mouth, a gory accident gives their lives a turn for the best. Mute is a ‘Job, Joris & Marieke’ production. Job, Joris & Marieke is a studio for animations, illustrations, character design and music based in Amsterdam.

Ping Pong Table

Also known as You & Me or Bola Service, this table conveys the warmth required on a piece for the home but without losing the sporty look. The net is worked as a piece of upholstery, using top quality brand fabrics combined with sport elements such as rope. The colorful strip hides a drawer that serves to store the net when not playing, so it becomes a fully functional table.

Notorious Baldies

Brazilian art director Fernando Perottoni, based in London, has created a series of visually engaging works exploring bald characters from world famous fictions. His illustrations refer to Star Wars, Breaking Bad or The Simpsons.


Moving a capital city is an important decision. In 1998, Kazakhstan unveiled its new capital and Almaty lost its status to Astana, located 1300 kilometers up North. 
As the world’s most recent capital city after Pyinmana (Myanmar), Astana is also the symbol of a new start, a unique initiative in the Post-Soviet region. Fabrice Fouillet’s project ‘Eurasism’ depicts a landscape coined by old Soviet architecture and new developing modern buildings.

Mikey Sorbello

Mikey Sorbello is a coffee roaster and barista at Climpson & Sons in Hackney. Climpson & Sons was established in 2005, and is considered one of the pioneering venues for London’s now-famous coffee revolution. In the new documentary series Neighbourhood Portraits, fashion label Hardy Amies and innovations studio Present Plus sets out to explore new centers of creativity that are booming on the the edges of London, inspiring, dictating and rejuvenating the contemporary lifestyle.

Secret Operation 610

When aircraft Shelter 610 opens its ruthless doors, a monstrous black behemoth slowly comes driving out. The object revives the mysterious atmosphere of the Cold War and its accompanying terrifying weaponry.

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