Mark Bramley’s pictures raise a feeling of desolation. In each picture there are obvious clues that indicate mankind was here someday, but they seem long gone. The places where Bramley (UK) takes his photos seem to concentrate in the USA. His style is peculiar. Although people could always be around the corner, he never tends to focus on them. Instead, empty landscapes or objects tell the story humans don’t.

Kemi Mai

Kemi Mai aka Drawinds is an 18 year old artist painting with pixels instead of a brush. She’s using Photoshop and a tablet to create her amazing expressive works. Specializing in female portraits, the British artist often sets her subjects against surreal settings, incorporating geometric shapes or nature elements. Kemi is a self-taught artist who has been painting for almost two years.


Cliq Magnetic Clothing Hangers look far, far better than all the other coat hangers. Using strong earth magnets, the hangers magnetically attach to any metal rod or surface. Each hanger can support up to 2kg and are sold in sets of three. Now, we aren’t quite ready to spend more on our hangers than our jeans, jackets, or other articles of clothing, but the idea is pretty sharp.

Made in Tohoku

After the devastation of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku The Inoue Brothers travelled to the region to start a project with some of the affected local artisans. The result of this collaboration is their “Made in Tohoku” collection.

Concrete Church

Nameless Architecture created ‘Concrete Church’ in Seoul, Korea. The first thing encountered upon entering the building is the empty concrete yard on the ground floor. This is a flexible space that acts as a venue for interaction with the community while also accommodating varying religious programs.


Everyone who enjoys making the infamous duckface for a little ‘Selfie’ once in a while should take a look at this fun video by Andy Martin. Martin describes it as ‘a 60 second warning about self obsession’. The animation is part of the Character Selfie project that invites international designers, illustrators and artists to submit a self-portrait of their character taking snapshots of themselves for the Pictoplasma Berlin Festival. Check their Tumblr, there are already lots of fun artworks by various artists.


These photographs were taken along the outskirts of the city Norilsk. Life here collides with urban sprawl, and the fragility of nature. Within the constancy of human presence, Gronsky photographs recreational moments deep in forested areas or open beaches, in secluded niches or general gathering places.


Connected appliances have the potential to be better designed, with new features, new services, and even new business models. Cloudwash is a prototype washing machine. Berg created Cloudwash to explore how connectivity will change the appliances in our homes, and to figure out what new features will be possible.

The Acid – Basic Instinct

The Acid is a collaboration between Adam Freeland, Steve Nalepa and Ry X. Each from another continent, each with their own expertise. Together they produced ‘The Acid EP’ which sounds dreamy with some unexpected dark twists. For ‘Basic Instinct’ they called in Dugan O’Neal to help Ry X directing the video. LA based group WIFE visualizes the dreaminess of the song in their performance. See the simple but striking website from The Acid for more info on the trio.

Coen Cast

Portland-based artist Richard Perez started a Tumblr to collect his illustrations of characters from Coen Brothers films. We’re especially drawn to the quiet palettes he’s given each illustration, a detail that is very reminiscent of the films themselves. Be sure to follow along.


Who doesn’t want to have a house with a view? The view that is equally breathtaking during the summer as during the winter requires a truly special place to admire it from. This amazing house – wooden in and outside – was designed by Austrian studio Bernardo Bader Architects. Softness of the elevation and simplicity of the interior merges with wintery landscapes.

Horyon Lee

Horyon Lee creates fetishized images of women’s bodies, revealed through lifted or taken down skirts. He reflects different positions between men who are tempted and women who tempt as a symbolical expression of eroticism. The women in the painting, who are the object of desire, are presented as exhibitionists who explicitly expose their femininity regardless of voyeurs. The overlapping images create a dynamic impression, as if they were moving.

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