Back to Basics is a project by Zim & Zou, a french designers duo based in Nancy, France. For their graphic design projects they use a lot of paper and materials to create compositions which are both abstract and real, something plain as a typography poster gets a real depth with the use of cutouts and 3D lettering, nicely photographed.

True to its name, Linear House on Saltspring Island, B.C., by Vancouver architects John and Patricia Patkau is a long and narrow, ground-hugging, flat-roofed oblong. The architects have strongly underscored the urbane sophistication of the structure by sheathing it in dark grey cement and fibre panels. The house is set among mature Douglas fir trees and other rural greenery.

Brooke Shaden is a fine art photographer living and working in the Los Angeles area. Her passion lies in creating new worlds through photographs. Her vision extends beyond the realm of the camera, creating images that resemble paintings and speak of an era that is not our own. Each image is a story.

Yoann Lemoine made the musicvideo for ‘The Shoes – Wastin Time’. It’s the second single from their debut album Crack My Bones.

Yoann is also the director of the more than epic ‘Woodkid – Iron’ video.

Australian duo Bag Raiders presents a humouristic music video for their single ‘Not Over’.
The video is about a caveman who is being picked on by his caveman friends. Eventually, he doesn’t get the girl… But he does get the time machine!

The Boxer is a series representing boxers in different sports conditions, with the main aim to create a set of 10 images using a link between training and work ethic. Check out the series.

Blogger and enjoyer of life Nalden was invited to visit the Koenigsegg factory. Street culture blog Dough’nut captured the atmosphere of the trip. They made this very well produced movie. Christian von Koenigsegg started building a company around his youthdream years ago. They produce high quality supercars in their factory in Ängelholm, Sweden.

Director Cyriak has opted to complement Cereal Spiller’s sleepy-turned-bouncy remix with a wholly hypnotic video filled with building computer-generated graphics. It feels like you’re watching the introduction to one of those old SIM CITY games, just with a much better soundtrack.

This is a brand new illustrated map of Reykjavík, Iceland. The map was made by a group of architects and took over two years and 3000 hours to complete. When you zoom in to the maximum, the level of details is amazing.

There is a quietness to the Eternal Moments photo series that is made slightly eerie do to the use of animation. Another example of the growing popularity of animated photography, this series is beautifully contemplative. It really captures the idea of an ‘eternal moment.’

Josh Owens, also known as Mindrelic, created this wonderfully dramatic timelapse video of his favorite corners of New York City. The soundtrack “down to the cellar” by Dredg, certainly takes it up a notch.

QLOCKTWO makes you pause and allows a different view of time. The typographic front combines the moment with the written word and makes it a statement. ‘It is half past eight.’ This clock forms a perfect square and seems to hover freely at the wall. A matrix with symmetrically arranged characters constitutes another square in the interior. Some of these characters shine in pure white to form words that describe time.

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