House in Senri

Japanese architecture never ceases to amaze. From the front, this house looks like a closed fortress. In contrary, the inside feels like a secure family environment. Just what a young family needs to feel protected. The extensive use of wood gives enough warmth to feel at home between these walls. Both sides hold a lot of large windows, what makes the house less fortress-like. Shogo Itawa Architects playfully implemented eight floors, each with it’s particular function and cool staircase.

Rota do Românico

Portugese architects Spaceworkers have landed in the perfect balance between heritage and modern architecture. Deep black and bright white are used to emphasise and divide the old and the new. The former primary school is only touched with two black objects, which both function like a room within an room. On the one end, the larger of the two volumes is home to an informal auditorium, whilst across from it, at the other end, the second volume plays host to the centre’s reception and information desk.

Relics of Technology

The seed for the Relics of Technology project started when Jim found a brick cell phone at a thrift store. Since finding it, similar bits and pieces of old technology and media kept grabbing his attention. Most of the technology have now been downsized to fit in the palm of our hand. These photos are reminders that progress had a price and our efforts have an expiration date.

Blok Knives

Ben Edmonds had a succesful career as a graphic designer. One day, he decided to put his eye for detail to use in a more practical manner. That’s where the knives came in. Grinding the steel and forming the handle leads to a certain ‘feel’ that a good knife should have. A knife, as he describes, can be fudged up in any step of the process. Watch how he pours all his love into these steel babies. Video by the talented Jamie Isbell.


Nod Labs today announces Nod, the most advanced gesture control ring that allows you to engage objects from your movements as if by magic. Nod serves as a universal controller, allowing you to effortlessly communicate with all of the smart devices in your connected life.

Cos x nendo

Japanese design studio nendo found a one time partner in Cos, the Swedish minimal fashion brand. For an installation in Milan, they brought their best assets. The smartly ordered Cos shirts are crisp, classic white until they fall inside the steel cube frames, at which point they take on colour as thought the space itself has dyed them. This simple yet effective framing strengthens viewers’ awareness of the space.

Agi & Sam AW14

After the all-over print madness, fashion duo Agi & Sam took a more subtle road. The young and playful London brand doesn’t want to be taken too seriously. Yet they positively surprise with quite a serious collection. For AW14 we see black and white in classy silhouettes. Classic items like coats and jackets are oversized but never look bulky.

Intolerable Beauty

Exploring the darker sides of his home country, Chris Jordan found a strange form of beauty in the drain of mass consumption. Guilty as everyone, he is grasped by these reflections of modern society. “Collectively we are committing a vast and unsustainable act of taking, but we each are anonymous and no one is in charge or accountable for the consequences.”

YOY Light

A series of a table lamp and a floor lamp. Thanks to the cleverly shaped LED fixture, the lamp produces a lampshade-like projection on the wall. It breathes new life into a familiar lampshade idea.


The word skymetric is a construction composed by: sky and -metric (geometric). The subject highlights the decontextualization of places and architectural spaces in order to alter the natural structure. These places considered have in common the fact to be all completely square, regular and schematic, so achieving geometric shots in a minimalist context, where the simplicity and cleanliness reign supreme.

Glass Animals – Gooey

‘Gooey’ by Glass Animals starts swiftly and in a relaxed flow. The beat builds a pleasant melody in a matter of seconds. Meanwhile, a fluid seems to be passed on from person to person. That is accompanied by some wrestling, dancing and kissing. Sounds weird right. Film creatives The Apairy (Berlin) have managed to make the viewer feel awkward while watching. The video might not make sense, until you figure out that the fluid is actually the main character.
‘Gooey’ is now available through digital channels and on vinyl.

Monument Valley

Inspired by the art of M.C. Escher, Japanese prints and minimalist 3D design, each level of the Monument Valley iOS game is a unique, hand-crafted combination of puzzle, graphic design and architecture. Like listening to an album or walking through a museum for the first time, Monument Valley is about discovery, perception and meaningful beauty.

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