House of the Infinite

Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza created a house every modern architecture junkie would dream of. The owners stare into the Atlantic Sea from a neverending roof, without any fencing blocking the sight. Located in Cádiz (southwest of Spain), this roof is garantueed to have a long warm summer. The Campo Baeza architect studio is widely recognized for very precise work. Alberto is Head Professor of Design at the School of Architecture of Madrid ETSAM since 1986.

Here is Today

Here is today. If you’re worrying about tommorrow or the week after, it’s time to put things in perspective. Luke Twyman (White Vinyl Design) has made an interactive look at time. You can click through until 13798 million years ago. Quite some perspective right? Now start clicking!


Brooklyn-based French photographer Franck Bohbot has a new series that captures the dreamy beauty of New York City’s Chinatown. Simply titled ‘Chinatown’, his photographs of its deserted streets and alleys, shuttered stores and towering high-rise buildings have a gauzy, misty feel that will make you see one of Manhattan’s most distinctive ethnic enclaves in a different light. Taken at night, they avoid the clichéd daytime shots of crowded pavements and bustling activity that comes to mind when you think of the place.

Koya No Sumika

mA-style Architects finished Koya No Sumika as a subtle extension for a young couple’s traditional one-storey house in the coastal city of Yaizu, Japan with amazing white and wood balance. The well-executed project reflects a strong desire for quiet spaces tinged with great lightness. It provides its residents with autonomous living spaces designed to maintain a significant relationship with the original construction.


A context which the shapes become a pretext for exploration of space, freeing itself from its real picture, to make it more emotionally relevant. The minimal geometry, shadows and colors intersect between reality and absence, visually decontextualized from initial aesthetics. In this way, the following photographs describe a “non-place”, dematerialized by its own matter.

Everyday Watch

This year, MIJLO will release a watch, and you will be a key contributor in the design process. MIJLO believes that great design is the result of innovation + collaboration, so they provided some early design ideas, and we’d like you to help MIJLO refine them.

/ Lamp

The packaging of the lamp comes with a small rock, and it is up to the user if they want to smash through the concrete shade to reveal the wire mesh and light bulb within. This unusual concept gives the lamp a personal touch because you can make the finish yourself. Users need not worry about damaging the light bulb within as they are encased in a cork-board base.

Aimé Leon Dore Fall ’14

The end of the summer is hard to dress for. It’s still warm, but can get chilly, leaving you in this weird temperature limbo. To help get you through this time, designers create pre-fall collections that will carry you straight to the cooler temps. Aimé Leon Dore did this in a minimalistic and sophisticated way. The combination of 4 basic colours works in every outfit.

Alt-J – Hunger of the Pine

The clip of ‘Hunger Of The Pine’, which you can watch below, shows a man being constantly hit by mysterious bow-hunters as he runs through a forest. It is directed by Nabil Eldurkin, who has previously shot videos for Kanye West, Frank Ocean and The Black Eyed Peas.


Architect Max Holst finished this wooden cabin on Vindö, an island in the Stockholm archipelago, Sweden. The building stands on a ridge bordering a 10 m deep drop into a gorge. In which a number of magnificent trees, mostly pine but also some hardwood grow.


Taking shots with Google Earth and putting them online has been done multiple times. Earthglance takes the prize though. The execution in this compilation of earth screenshots is beyond belief. With some pictures it’s hard to say what you’re looking at. You’re staring down at airports, icy mountains and salt fields from a perpective where some context can be missed. Take your time to scroll through 30+ pages of high-res jaw droppers via the link. Earth is beautiful.

The Third Day

Henrik Kohler went on a quest to the sources of our food. The german photographer visited areas in Spain, Holland, Germany and the United States where standardized products flourish under industrial conditions. With solely (cost)efficiency in mind, one of the involved parties will always be the victim. Whether that be the animal, plant or human. Someone has to pay for this way of production. Can we still call these products of nature when we control so many factors in the process?

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