Made in Tohoku

After the devastation of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku The Inoue Brothers travelled to the region to start a project with some of the affected local artisans. The result of this collaboration is their “Made in Tohoku” collection.


Everyone who enjoys making the infamous duckface for a little ‘Selfie’ once in a while should take a look at this fun video by Andy Martin. Martin describes it as ‘a 60 second warning about self obsession’. The animation is part of the Character Selfie project that invites international designers, illustrators and artists to submit a self-portrait of their character taking snapshots of themselves for the Pictoplasma Berlin Festival. Check their Tumblr, there are already lots of fun artworks by various artists.

43,000 Feet

On his way to a statistics conference, John Wilkins is the victim of a freak accident, sucked out of the plane when an emergency door fails mid-flight. Realising he has several minutes before he hits the ground, he reflects on his past, formulates a plan for hitting the ground, and rehearses what he will say to the media on the off-chance that he survives.


Adam Magyar took our daily lives as inspiration for this video. He filmed people as he flies past them on the subway. This enabled him to capture everyone off-guard. Magyar shot the video in a high frame rate, 50 frames per second. Beautiful to see random faces filmed like this.


Mute is short animated film about a world populated by people without a mouth, a gory accident gives their lives a turn for the best. Mute is a ‘Job, Joris & Marieke’ production. Job, Joris & Marieke is a studio for animations, illustrations, character design and music based in Amsterdam.

Mikey Sorbello

Mikey Sorbello is a coffee roaster and barista at Climpson & Sons in Hackney. Climpson & Sons was established in 2005, and is considered one of the pioneering venues for London’s now-famous coffee revolution. In the new documentary series Neighbourhood Portraits, fashion label Hardy Amies and innovations studio Present Plus sets out to explore new centers of creativity that are booming on the the edges of London, inspiring, dictating and rejuvenating the contemporary lifestyle.

Woodkid’s Story

Absolut Vodka delved into Woodkid’s history and follows the story of how he discovered and developed his talent. A beautiful and inspiring portrait of one of today’s most popular artists.


This gorgeous three and a half minute of undulating, constantly-morphing animation by Masanobu Hiraoka demands to be watched on the largest display currently at your disposal. Grab your headphones too! Aimar Molero‘s music/sound design properly sets the atmosphere and breathes life into the sloshing, shifting abstract forms.


William Trubridge is a freediver. He trained his body to dive without any professional diving gear. While concentrating on his breath and movement, he tumbles deeper and deeper into the ocean. Amazing to see the level of control Trubridge has over his body. He describes the sensation of freefalling underwater and how he uses different techniques.


Short film ‘Aspire’ visualizes how creatives influence each other. They can be considered nomads who are struggling to survive and settle their camps from time to time. A colourful project for Fashionclash Maastricht from creative agency Strictua. ‘Aspire’ was selected for the Berlin Fashion Film Festival.

The Howling – Shortline

The Howling, aka Frank Wiedemann (half of Âme) and Ry Cuming (an Australian, LA-based artist), made waves after their collaboration “Howling” last summer, for which Âme then supplied a popular remix. The duo returns with moving and colorful sounds in Shortline, a three track EP which is currently available on vinyl and digital release. The video is shot in 16mm starring the extraordinary Nana Agypong and Ry Cuming.

The Vein – Magma

Barcelona-based Dvein created an epic video for The Vein’s new single ‘Magma’. They take us on a surreal journey through marbleized liqus, molten graphics and moldered faces. The set looks especially beautiful in the context of this nordic wintertale. Dvein is a motion and interactive studio providing art direction, design and animation for cinema, broadcast, music videos, etc. They get involved in any given step in the creative process from the concept art to final piece.

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