Everyday Watch

This year, MIJLO will release a watch, and you will be a key contributor in the design process. MIJLO believes that great design is the result of innovation + collaboration, so they provided some early design ideas, and we’d like you to help MIJLO refine them.

/ Lamp

The packaging of the lamp comes with a small rock, and it is up to the user if they want to smash through the concrete shade to reveal the wire mesh and light bulb within. This unusual concept gives the lamp a personal touch because you can make the finish yourself. Users need not worry about damaging the light bulb within as they are encased in a cork-board base.

Inspiration Pad

Designed by Belgian designer Marc Thomasset, the Inspiration Pad revamps the uninspiring classic notepad with unconventional lines. The idea of designing a notepad with a twist started in 2002. He was working as an art director in a big advertising agency, drawing projects in a notebook when it hit him. A notebook, however beautiful, is always very rigid and grid like. So he began tweaking the notepad with curves, angles and twisted lines to help others unleash their creativity.


Vessyl is an ordinary-seeming cup with a fairly extraordinary hidden feature: It always knows what’s inside of it. Using sensors built into its inner walls, it automatically analyzes the molecules of whatever liquid you pour in. It tracks what’s important to you all automatically.



Nod Labs today announces Nod, the most advanced gesture control ring that allows you to engage objects from your movements as if by magic. Nod serves as a universal controller, allowing you to effortlessly communicate with all of the smart devices in your connected life.

YOY Light

A series of a table lamp and a floor lamp. Thanks to the cleverly shaped LED fixture, the lamp produces a lampshade-like projection on the wall. It breathes new life into a familiar lampshade idea.


Cliq Magnetic Clothing Hangers look far, far better than all the other coat hangers. Using strong earth magnets, the hangers magnetically attach to any metal rod or surface. Each hanger can support up to 2kg and are sold in sets of three. Now, we aren’t quite ready to spend more on our hangers than our jeans, jackets, or other articles of clothing, but the idea is pretty sharp.


Connected appliances have the potential to be better designed, with new features, new services, and even new business models. Cloudwash is a prototype washing machine. Berg created Cloudwash to explore how connectivity will change the appliances in our homes, and to figure out what new features will be possible.


Decades of refined craftsmanship within loudspeaker technology is weaved with Nordic design in Vifa’s global launch as a new audio brand. Copenhagen is the first wireless loudspeaker in a series to be launched over the next few years. The series has been designed for anyone who values exclusive design just as much as authentic sound.

Solo Cello

Solo Cello is a smartly suspended chair made by the French craftsmen at Les Ateliers Guyon. It’s rare to find something as simple as a chair in such a innovative shape. From the leather surface to the strings, all elements on this chair are functional.
You can admire the careful process of assembling in the video. The Solo Cello is the first in a collection to be launched next year.


+cinco is a set of tableware utensils from Portugese designers Miguel Lopes and André Meca. The name +cinco simply comes from ‘five’ for the five elements that this set contains. The set consists of a salad bowl, a bottle for olive oil and one for vinegar together with a three-pieced condiments set and a set of containers for sauces. With the use of porcelain and cork, Lopes and Meca developed something nice to look at when having an awkward dinner.


Round is a small and smart table lamp that generates a beautifully diffused beam of light. At first, the lamp looks out of proportions when comparing the arm and head. But because of the elegantly curved arm, Round is perfectly balanced at second thought. The soft indirect light makes Round your new best friend on your desk or reading table. Industrial designer Bao-Nghi Droste lives and works as a product designer in Heidelberg, Germany. He has made a respectable line of products with curves as a recognizable style feature.

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