Hawk House – Chill Pill

Hawk House knows that a music video doesn’t need more than a director with a good eye for composition. Zooming in and out into new backgrounds proves to be a smooth way to take the viewer with them. Thomas Rhazi is the French director of the monochromatic journey for ‘Chill Pill’. The song has an easy Souls of Mischief-vibe. Their EP ‘A Handshake To The Brain’ features more of their smart UK rap over melancholic beats. Easy like a Sunday morning.

Alt-J – Hunger of the Pine

The clip of ‘Hunger Of The Pine’, which you can watch below, shows a man being constantly hit by mysterious bow-hunters as he runs through a forest. It is directed by Nabil Eldurkin, who has previously shot videos for Kanye West, Frank Ocean and The Black Eyed Peas.

Glass Animals – Gooey

‘Gooey’ by Glass Animals starts swiftly and in a relaxed flow. The beat builds a pleasant melody in a matter of seconds. Meanwhile, a fluid seems to be passed on from person to person. That is accompanied by some wrestling, dancing and kissing. Sounds weird right. Film creatives The Apairy (Berlin) have managed to make the viewer feel awkward while watching. The video might not make sense, until you figure out that the fluid is actually the main character.
‘Gooey’ is now available through digital channels and on vinyl.

The Acid – Basic Instinct

The Acid is a collaboration between Adam Freeland, Steve Nalepa and Ry X. Each from another continent, each with their own expertise. Together they produced ‘The Acid EP’ which sounds dreamy with some unexpected dark twists. For ‘Basic Instinct’ they called in Dugan O’Neal to help Ry X directing the video. LA based group WIFE visualizes the dreaminess of the song in their performance. See the simple but striking website from The Acid for more info on the trio.

James Blake – Life Round Here

James Blake has released the video for his project with Chance the Rapper. A surprising project on many levels. The black and white video (directed by Nabil) is beyond beautiful. Musically speaking, the surprise mainly comes from Chance the Rapper. His voice fits like a glove on Blake’s production. All together, this just works. It’s a joy to watch and listen. Let’s hope more of these gems are coming our way.

Woodkid’s Story

Absolut Vodka delved into Woodkid’s history and follows the story of how he discovered and developed his talent. A beautiful and inspiring portrait of one of today’s most popular artists.

FKA twigs – Water Me

FKA twigs brings an unexpected and pleasantly surprising sound. The build up in rhythm can be called unusual as well. Jesse Kanda pulled off the visuals in a simple and hypnotizing fashion. It’s quite clear to understand that they are supported by The xx when you compare this to other artists on their Young Turks music label.

The Howling – Shortline

The Howling, aka Frank Wiedemann (half of Âme) and Ry Cuming (an Australian, LA-based artist), made waves after their collaboration “Howling” last summer, for which Âme then supplied a popular remix. The duo returns with moving and colorful sounds in Shortline, a three track EP which is currently available on vinyl and digital release. The video is shot in 16mm starring the extraordinary Nana Agypong and Ry Cuming.

Sailor & I – Tough Love

Sailor & I from Stockholm releases the visuals for their cinematic song ‘Tough Love’. The beautiful Scandinavian scenery and aged man combine well with the orchestral song. Good color grading and slow-motion shots do the rest. We already have high expectations for their next release.

The xx – Fiction

Whether in clothing, music or videos, The xx always stays in style. The video for ‘Fiction’ is no exception. We see Oliver Sim solo on a nightly stroll. His heavy voice is the only thing that accompanies him. The black and white tones are something we have seen several times in their music videos. However, that doesn’t seem to annoy anyone. This is what you visually expect when you hear the music.

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