Hawk House – Chill Pill

Hawk House knows that a music video doesn’t need more than a director with a good eye for composition. Zooming in and out into new backgrounds proves to be a smooth way to take the viewer with them. Thomas Rhazi is the French director of the monochromatic journey for ‘Chill Pill’. The song has an easy Souls of Mischief-vibe. Their EP ‘A Handshake To The Brain’ features more of their smart UK rap over melancholic beats. Easy like a Sunday morning.

Il Capo

“Marble quarries are places so unbelievable and striking, they almost feel like they are big theaters or sets.” says Yuri Ancarani, the filmmaker behind the excerpt from the documentary, Il Capo (The Chief). Ancarani follows a quarry boss in Carrara, (Italy) as he guides his men through the extraction process, using a silent language of gesture and sign. “I was so taken by the chief, watching him work,” he says. “How he can move gigantic marble blocks using enormous excavators, but his own movements are light, precise and determined.”


Curves – Soulful Driving is a high-quality magazine, produced with love and aimed to be read by all who drive, bike or cycle with passion and seek the joy and adventure of the open road. It is a magazine for those for whom the planning of a journey already is a celebration. They will spot some famous curves like the Col D’Izouard and Galibier amongst others. Porsche recognized these enthusiasts and pushed the project with a helicopter and some cars for more epic shots in Curves Magazine. Bogner also made the book ‘Escapes, dream routes in the Alps’ as a personal project.

Long Museum West Bund

China’s largest private art collection now has a roof and walls. The Long Museum West Bund is located at the bank of Huangpu River, Xuhui District, Shanghai, the site of which was used as the wharf for coal transportation. Atelier Deshaus respected this industrial background in their design. With curves and high ceilings, they managed to give the building a more organic feel. This benefits the museum function, because art is not always straightforward, is it? Xia Zhi is the architecture photographer from Beijing who deserves the credit for the nice shots.


Amazing how deep seater freediver Guillaume Néry flows through the water whilst keeping everything under control. He is even capable to recall his hallucinations. With Nérys actual hallucinations as inspiration, Julie Gautier made this inspiring film. The intro text pretty much sums up what this film is about: “Deep water freediving exposes its practitioners to a form of narcosis, which induces several symptoms, among which a feeling of euphoria and levity that earned this phenomenon its nickname of ‘raptures of the deep’.”


Kosmonauta tells the story of an actual sound clip from a female cosmonaut in distress. The signal was picked up on a Soviet space frequency in 1962 by two Italians. It sparked a theory of the first (lost) female cosmonaut. Norwegian Film School students Mirjam Veske and Nils Eilif Bremdal worked together on this intriguing short film.

Pantone Beer Packaging

Spanish designer Txaber (Bilboa) has designed packaging for beer which represents the contents of the bottle or can. How easy this may sound, the end result is a joy to watch. Using the Pantone colour charts and codes true beer- and design lovers will fall for this series. We especially like the typography on the white part. It gives the design a well-deserved special touch.


In both the graffiti and football world, Does is an exception. During his professional career, he played with Van Bommel as a teammate and line up in the youth national team alongside Van Persie, Robben, Heintinga and others. After several injuries, he was forced to stop his career at the age of 28, nevertheless he chose to dedicate himself to his second passion : graffiti writing. Once again, his skills gave him the chance to become one of the most worldwide recognized writers.

The Barisieur

The Barisieur is an alarm clock and coffee brewer. It eases the user into the day with the subtle movement of stainless steel ballbearings that boil the water through induction heating, accompanied by the smell of freshly brewed coffee. It encourages a ritual before going to sleep, signalling to the body and mind that it is time to unwind and relax. Living slow even when times are fast.

Olaf Hussein 14/15

Amsterdam’s young fashion designer Olaf Hussein is pushing forward fast. His first collection was picked up by a wide audience. For the 14/15 collection, he shows a coherence and maturity that sets a new standard. Hussein drew inspiration from the stylish young men of the 50’s. From their clean aesthetics to their razor sharp tailoring, traces of the mods can be found throughout the entire line.

House of the Infinite

Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza created a house every modern architecture junkie would dream of. The owners stare into the Atlantic Sea from a neverending roof, without any fencing blocking the sight. Located in Cádiz (southwest of Spain), this roof is garantueed to have a long warm summer. The Campo Baeza architect studio is widely recognized for very precise work. Alberto is Head Professor of Design at the School of Architecture of Madrid ETSAM since 1986.

Here is Today

Here is today. If you’re worrying about tommorrow or the week after, it’s time to put things in perspective. Luke Twyman (White Vinyl Design) has made an interactive look at time. You can click through until 13798 million years ago. Quite some perspective right? Now start clicking!


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